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About Me

After spending a few years in the fitness industry I developed a passion for training women and wanted to increase the amount of women exercising. Realising that many women had a desire to exercise but stayed away from the gym for fear of judgement, I set out to create a safe space where women of all fitness levels could feel comfortable and safe when training. In my studio there are no mirrors, no onlookers and most importantly, no judgement. Every training plan is tailored to meet your personal goals.


Being a mother of two myself, I also found a passion for pre and post-natal training. While recovering from birth, I became frustrated with the misinformation and lack of knowledge around exercise before and after pregnancy so it became my mission to learn as much as I could. I became qualified to ensure that I could provide safe training for mums and mums to be.

You will rarely see me post photos of my clients and that is because they don't want to be and that is fine by me. At the end of the day, the journey is yours and I'm just lucky to be invited on it.


Workout in the comfort of your own home. By video call we can train you safely by been able to check your technique and give you a great workout!


A great way to let someone else do all the planning for you, motivate and help you achieve your goal.

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