28 Day Ultimate Healthy Life Challenge

Health, Fitness and Wellness

Are you thinking about being more active? Have you been trying to cut back on
less healthy foods? Are you starting to eat better and move more but having a
hard time sticking with these changes?

Old habits die hard. Changing your habits is a process that involves several
stages. Sometimes it takes a while before changes become new habits. And,
you may face roadblocks along the way. But this should not stop you! Yes being
healthy is a habit and yes it's work - but prioritizing health and fitness will
change your life in so many ways.

This program is like no other! Designed to fuel your body with the freshest, highest quality ingredients that will have you living your ultimate healthy life FAST!

Understanding what and how to eat is essential for wellness.

People who eat high-quality, nutritious foods naturally have higher energy, stronger digestion, and clearer thinking than those who eat fast foods or junk foods. Wherever you fall on this spectrum is completely okay. This program is going to provide you with all of the health giving nutrient-dense food you need to thrive! 

What you may gain from this challenge:

1. Increased energy
2. Reduced cravings for junk 'food'
3. Reduced cravings for caffeine
4. Reduced bloating
5. Healthier skin
6. Increased positivty
7. Weightloss

What's included:

1. In your one on one session we will create a habit tracker, this is where you can decide what daily habits will make you happy to achieve your goals. It could be things like meditate, nature walks, electronic free days/hours etc. In this session you will also go through what your goal is, what your looking to achieve in the next 28 days, how you will feel when you achieve these goals and your WHY's for doing this challenge.
2. In the same session we will take measurements, this is a great way to help you see your results and we do a health and fitness goal setting too. This is where you choose what areas in your life you will commit to during this program. That may be things to do with health, relationships, career whatever you want. You will also do a very small fitness test, this is a great way to see how you progress throughout this challenge. All this will be done in week 1, halfway mark and then at the end again. 
3. You will get 4  different weekly meal plans, recipes and shopping lists all created by a qualified nutritionist. All meals are calorie counted so you don't have to weigh or measure any ingredients. 
4. We know life is busy so all meal plans are made to be quick and easy.
5. A list of alternatives and food swaps are included for you to choose and swap ingredients out if you can't or would prefer not to eat what's in the meal plan. 
6. Gluten free, dairy free, refined sugars and plant based options are available in all the recipes.
7. Mini weekly challenges to keep you on track. 
8.Private facebook group where you can motivate and help motivate others who are joining in on the challenge. 

You can choose from 2 options in this challenge:

Option 1: 28 day meal plan and everything included plus unlimited access to group classes for 28 days. We have a range of classes for you to do: Boxfit, circuit style, core and mat pilates. Have a look in our group classes tab to see what each entails and the times we have on offer. $149

Option 2: The 28 day meal plan only and everything included except classes: $80

Get ready because you are seriously about to UPLEVEL in your health and fitness game!

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