The Keep Moving Program

Exercising with others, can help create a beautiful community.


Starting 3rd May 2021



This is a specific challenge, it's designed so that you have the best of both worlds.

You get to have personal training combined with group training. Why do you need both? By having your personal training session is a way to have a personalised training program designed just for you. We are not all designed in the same way, some of us may have back, hip pain, you may have an injury or you may just not know how to do a particular exercise correctly. You may be a complete beginner who has never exercised before. By having your one on one with the trainer gives you the confidence to exercise correctly and safely.


Then you get to have the group training sessions. This is not in any way a bootcamp, this is just a small group of women exercising together.  From having your one on one, when you go to do your group training, you will not feel overwhelmed by the exercises and you would have already established a report with your trainer, which then makes the session an exciting one. Exercising in a group is a great way to create an amazing atmosphere and a great way to encourage each other, stay motivated and keep yourself accountable.

This program includes 1x 45min Personal training session plus1x 60min small group training session. These group sessions will be for all fitness levels, from beginner to intermediate. Every week will be different so you will never get bored!

The Keep Moving Program will run for 8 weeks at a time. All sessions will be run by Shalaine. The group sessions will be help within the Soul Movement Studio ( all indoors, no need to worry about the weather) at 7:30am to 8:30am every Saturday for 8 weeks. 

Why choose this program

Suitable for all fitness levels

Great music to motivate you



Stretching after each training session

Meet new people

Professional Trainers