Meet Shalaine


Hi, I'm Shalaine!

I help women aged 25 - 60 to strengthen and tone their whole bodies. I also specialise in strengthening the core and pelvic floor. 

I have been in the history for many years now and I am forever learning as every client is different, each has their own journey and I like to tailor and adapt my training styles to suit each individual. I have a real passion for exercising. I don't think people need to exercise for a specific reason, you may want to just do it cause it mentally makes you feel good and I'm all for that. So when you meet me, if you want to do measurements, weighing ect we can and if you don't then we don't, these decisions are all up to you. I offer nutritional advice, food swaps, portion controls. I will be there to support and hold you accountable for whatever your journey may be. 


I specialise in pre and postnatal training through Mishfit training, Limitlesss pregnancy and beyond and Floss.

I have a cert iii and iv in personal training through the Australian Institute of Ftiness

I've certified in training boxing (Punchfit), Metafit (Metafit), Metapower (Metafit), Core restore ( Sub30), Bootcamp L1 (Fitness education).


I run all my training from my home studio.  I have no mirrors so you can feel comfortable when training.


THIS IS FOR YOU if you feel overwhelmed in a gym environment, if you are new or have never exercised. THIS IS FOR YOU if you already exercise but feel you need more of a push. There is no one fits all, we are all different in so many ways, so I like to tailor all my programs to suit each individual for their needs and goals. I understand that exercising can be a little overwhelming and that not everyone likes to do one on one training. You may like small group training or why not try semi training - grab a friend and train together! I take training each client within their fitness limits so if you are a beginner I use a slow and gentle approach. Exercising is meant to be fun, not an overwhelming experience.

My Vision

Is for women to have confidence within themselves. To learn to love ourselves inside and out and to stop comparing ourselves to the person next to us. 


Being a healthy woman, isn't about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline.
We need to start focusing on what matters, how we feel and how we feel about others.