Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Pre & Postnatal Program

As a mom of 2 I understand the importance of keeping the body strong for carrying the baby and after birth. It took 3 years and 6 rounds of IVF before I got pregnant with my daughter and then I was so sick with all day morning sickness right up until I gave birth. It was horrible, I kept waiting for that pregnancy glow that every one said I would get but go figure it did not happen for me. But my daughter arrived and the sickness stopped as soon as she was out, so I was finally able to enjoy her. I thought once she was out that I would no longer wee when I sneezed or laughed or jumped and that my core would go back to normal and all my normal fitness routines would be exactly the way it was prior to getting pregnant. Well I was wrong about that! I set out to find a women's health physio to see what I could do to change this. The one I saw was great, she showed me how to strengthen my pelvic floor, what exercises to do to strengthen my core and that it took 9 months to grow a baby, so to take it slow and easy when it came to exercising.

I started to google, yip good old google to see how to exercise after birth and boy did that open a can of worms. All that did was confuse me of what was right and wrong and I didn't want to follow an online program from someone who didn't know me or what my issues were. So I found a course and began to study on how to become a certified pre and postnatal specialist. I have no studied many different ones as there is always new research coming out. 

When my son came along, I was much more prepared, not for the groin pain where I couldn't walk or for once again having all day morning sickness but what I was prepared for was how to strengthen my body as much as I could while carrying him and how to slowly rebuild my body and how to re-strengthen my core in particular.

It is so easy as mothers to put everyone else's needs first and not think twice about ourselves but we should change that, why - because every one needs us to be strong to keep the household running. Also it's ok to start to do things for us to start gaining confidence in our bodies that have now changed and feel strong and happy within ourselves. Don't feel guilty for doing something for yourself, you deserve to sometimes be selfish. :)



What's included in this program:

This program for pregnancy and after. 
During pregnancy you will learn how to exercise safely, how to keep the body strong to carry and how to keep your pelvic floor strong to minimize leakage after giving birth. Even if you have a cesearen you can still have pelvic floor issues. Exercising during pregnancy has been proven to make the delivery easier and quicker.

For postnatal you will learn how to strengthen the core - during pregnancy we get diastasis recti - separation of the abdominal wall- so learning to strengthen the core helps to minimize the gap in the abdominal wall. Learn to strengthen the glutes and of course the pelvic floor. It's all about easing your way back into exercising or if you had never exercised before then this is a great way to begin to strengthen your body and get it stronger to look after bubs.


You will be given a ton of valuable information of what is happening to your body during or after pregnancy and how you can minimize the risk of injury. 

You will be given easy to follow home workouts that can be done in your own time and in your own home. All workout programs are on an easy to follow app with videos to show you exactly how to perform each exercise correctly.

Wether you had a viginal birth or a cesarean you can still do this program once you've had your 6 week check up or 12 week check up for a cesarean and if cleared by your doctor to exercise.

All sessions are done one on one, this is to make sure you get 100% of me to help you gain confidence and strength. 

Yes baby can come with you to each training session!

You can do this even if you have never exercised before.

Each session will go for 30mins and all sessions will ease you back into training and back to feeling strong. 

If you would like to know more about the pre and postnatal program, please get into contact with us.